We Help Great People Build Greater Companies.
— Christopher Quek, Managing Partner


TRIVE (previously known as "TRi5 Ventures"), is an early stage Southeast Asia (SEA) focused Venture Capital firm based in Singapore. TRIVE invest in technology startups from the seed to series A rounds of funding. The team has over 7 years of VC, mentoring and advisory experience. TRIVE has provided more than 1500 one-to-one advisory session, advising more than 800 startup founders and supporting 40+ startups in various domains including Deep Technologies, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Marketplaces and FinTech.

As early-stage investors, we take an active role in helping our portfolio startups to scale beyond their domestic markets into the region.

We believe in a founders first approach and work closely with them from day one to give them the support they need to build their dreams.


The logo signifies TRIVE's vision to be core of the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem.

The "red" node  signifies Singapore's new status as a hub for startups to connect and thrive. Secondary representation of the TRIVE community in Singapore, at the heart of the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem.

The “grey” nodes connect to form a network that will unify Southeast Asia startups to impact positive change in a collaborative environment through constant innovation and progress.


The connecting lines both represents startups having a connection and giving back to the community ("red" node), regardless of it’s distance to the core.

TRIVE nurtures companies and entrepreneurs as "seeds" to become "trees" that grow strong and tall. We hope that these "trees" will continue to thrive and help nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs in a virtuous cycle.


TRIVE strives to create the future of the SEA economy by investing in technology companies that can radically improve the lives of the 641 million people in the region.



We are open and inclusive in our relationships with stakeholders.

We do what it takes to support & inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We pay-it-forward and give back to the community to foster a vibrant ecosystem.

Official Partners


TRIVE had humble beginnings as a community based incubator called Angel’s Gate Advisory (“AGA”). AGA was appointed as an iJAM. Reload incubator by the National Research Foundation of Singapore. The mentors are Singaporeans who focus on providing pro-bono advice and building Singapore-based startups which make a difference for Singapore and the world’s economy.