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UX Design Clinic @ TRIVE Labs

UX Design Clinic @ TRIVE Labs Powered by JustCo is a pro-bono consultation clinic organized jointly with JustCo and UXE Singapore as part of TRIVE's pay-it-forward initiative to support and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs in Singapore. 

Each participant will only be able to register for a 15 minutes personalized consultation session, and on a first-come-first-serve basis. Priority will be given to TRIVE Labs and JustCo members. 

What this is all about | Does your startup face these issues? Missed design milestones and deadlines. High volume of support tickets. Paying customers churn. Products have low users adoption.

Through this UX Design Clinic, we hope to be able to help startup entrepreneurs avoid design mistakes in their entrepreneurship journey. 

After the clinic, participants can expect to have the following takeaways:

  • Clarity on what UX really is

  • Learn good UX design practices to implement in your design process

  • Provide unbiased feedbacks and recommendations for your solution

  • Impart design leadership tips on how to better lead your design team

This consultation clinic is specifically for Singaporean citizens and PRs below 35 only. TRIVE Lab and JustCo members might also be required to present registration.

This consultation clinic is part of TRIVE's pay-it-forward community activities, which is to support and incubate 250 Singaporean startups to represent the next generation of startups in the ecosystem.

Any net proceeds from the fees are placed in the TRIVE Community pay-it-forward activities fund.