Southeast Asia Growth Fund

You have built your MVP, developed good beta traction in your home market. But it is tough to raise continued funding as you are unsure how to do so in the VC world.

70% of all South-east Asia VC funding comes from Singapore. And you will need to know and understand how the game is played and raise money. That is where TRIVE comes in, with our extensive experience of helping 38 startups raise over US$11m of capital.

The SEA Growth Fund applies to all SEA-based* early stage startups who aim to expand into the region.

*Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia are more preferred.

Investment Mandate
We invest up to S$500k into Southeast Asian incorporated startups who meet the following:

Verticals: Fintech, Edu-tech, Media-tech, Energy-tech, Marketplaces

  1. Possess defensible deep technology IP
  2. Clear strategy to expand into its respective domestic market
  3. A founding team, including a solid tech co-founder
  4. A market sizing of US$1b in the SEA market
  5. Achieved a scalable MVP and beta traction

*We don’t invest in startups that are not from Southeast Asia. The original HQ must be from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Startups are required to incorporate a Singapore entity to receive funding.