About NEXT50 Angel Network

The NEXT50 Angel Network is a newly established pay-it-forward initiative to support and provide follow-up funding for our young and promising startups to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The process


Please do carefully read the admission criteria below to make sure you’re eligible to join our network. To join, please connect with your Case Officer from TRIVE. You’ll then be required to sign a service agreement as well as provide us with your pitch for our circulation.


Tap into our ready pool of resources, from standard investment documents to mentorship. We have also developed a series of events and masterclasses to get our startups investor-ready.

View our list of events here.


Once you are onboard our network, we will share your pitch with our network of NEXT50 Angels.

Should there be a successful match of interest, we will connect you with our angel investors through private introduction.


The NEXT50 Angel Network is one of TRIVE’s pay-it-forward initiatives, in which the operations will be funded by administrative and success fees. In return for your support, we will circulate your pitch to our network of NEXT50 Angels as well as provide standard fundraising documents to help facilitate your investment process.

For TRIVE StartupSG Founders:

  • $0 administrative fees (waived off)

  • 2.5% success fee, as a percentage of capital raised from our network

For Non-StartupSG Founders:

  • $500 administrative fees

  • 3.5% success fee, as a percentage of capital raised from our network


*Administrative fees are payable upon successful admission into our network. Our network is currently self-sustained by our team of community members, and the fee is charged to help defray our expenses in the assessment and reviews of your application to ensure it’s optimal for presentation to our network of angel investors. As part of the fees, our standard investment documents will also be provided to help facilitate your subsequent investment process.

*Do note that extra fees are chargeable for additional services required at TRIVE’s discretion

Admission Criteria

Startup applies / has applied for StartupSG Grant Founder Scheme under TRIVE as the AMP


Startup has not applied for Startup SG Grant Founder Scheme under any other AMPs and meet the following requirements:

  • Total Singapore ownership more than 51%

  • The startup’s Founder must be Singaporean/PR, owning a minimum 30% equity;

  • The startup must fall within the ideation to pre-seed/seed stage;

  • The startup’s business operations must be less than 2 years, is not yet profitable and still finding suitable product-fit market;

  • The startup should be non-traditional and tech-based, with a defensible tech slant;

  • The startup must have regional and/or global opportunity for the business;

  • The startup must have a team with a Chief Technology Officer or an equivalent designation with similar scope of responsibilities; and

  • The startup must have secured previous funding of more than S$20,000

*Please note that selection is subjected to TRIVE’s discretion and priority will be given to TRIVE’s StartupSG Founders.

Q & A

+ How much should I request for in the angel round?

As a guideline, angels typically invest around only $25k to $200k per angel. For the angel round, focus only about how much you can spend on in 12-18 months, which should be the amount you're looking to raise.

An unrealistic figure might deter potential investors.

+ How long does it take to raise funding?

You should expect to spend minimally 2-6 months fundraising, and to speak to multiple angels.

+ Is there anything I should highlight in my pitch?

Angels are usually established entrepreneurs, bankers or professionals who have limited understanding on investment. Focus clearly more on the story, the quality of the team and the potential of the product. They also want to see returns on investments, so an exit strategy within 5 years is good.

+ Would investment documents be provided?

Standard fundraising documents will be provided upon request at no extra charge.

NOTE: For unsophisticated investors, we recommend using the SAFE agreement and not SHA. Startups are encouraged to attend the Understanding Fundraising masterclass conducted by TRIVE to understand the mechanics. See our upcoming masterclasses here.

request to join

Access to seek funding from our NEXT50 Angel Network is currently limited to our StartupSG Founders or by direct referrals from any TRIVE Partner or existing angels in our network.