About The NEXT50 Movement

The NEXT50 movement is a pay-it-forward initiative to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our network of mentors have committed their time to provide advisory clinics to you.  

In the first 50 years since its founding, Singapore was built on entrepreneurship, where its people ran businesses and spurred economic growth. However, in recent years, less Singaporeans start businesses in favour of better career opportunities.

Entrepreneurship is vital to igniting innovation and enacting change to spur economy activity in the next 50 years. The NEXT50 initiative aims to re-kindle the spark of entrepreneurship.

Our mentors come from a wide range of companies

What we have advised in our clinics:

  • Business model assessment

  • Product market fit

  • Go-to-market strategies into Southeast Asia

  • Reviewing & improving pitch deck

  • Structuring companies and subsidiaries

  • Accounting structures

  • Hiring strategies

  • Fundraising strategies up to Series A

  • Business continuity considerations

  • Entrepreneur personal development

  • Reviewing business agreements

  • Founder issues (partnership agreement, conflict resolutions etc)

  • Investor relations

  • Review product technologies

What we are unable to do:

  • Provide legal or financial advisory

  • Raising funds for your startup

  • Sell your product to our connections

  • Finding you a CTO

  • Provide advice about marketing strategies outside of South-East Asia

  • IPO and fundraising beyond Series B

*Our advisory is based on our experiences and prior advisories. While we will do our best, we are not liable and responsible for any advice that we give.