NEXT50 strives to pay-it-forward with the conviction of grooming Singapore’s next generation of entrepreneurs

Representing the movement for and by the entrepreneur community, the NEXT50 initiative (“NEXT50”) has been launched with the aim to provide complimentary one-on-one mentoring sessions for early stage start-ups that are aiming at disrupting the market with innovative technology solutions. Founded by Christopher Quek, Managing Partner of Tri5 Ventures, the initiative will pay-it-forward and be catered to Singapore-based startup founders seeking business advisory.  

“Paying-it-forward is an important aspect of building a vibrant start-up ecosystem. We recognise the importance of grooming a generation of Singapore entrepreneurs to participate in the next 50 years of economic growth of the nation,” said Christopher Quek.


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“With the speed of disruptions and innovations happening globally, it is now more essential than ever to mentor startups to get up to speed and be globally competitive from day one. Hence, the imparting of knowledge and the sharing of experiences, especially during the early stages, are essential in building startups with a solid foundation. With a wide range of mentors from across industries on board, we are certain that the startup Founders will benefit more from a variety of quality perspectives”, added Christopher Quek.


TRi5 Ventures are not new to the pay-it-forward movement. To date, the TRi5 Ventures team alone has conducted over 800 complimentary one-on-one mentoring sessions over the past seven years. These sessions were done in conjunction with their sister company, Angels Gate Advisory, an appointed iJAM incubator by the NRF. Angels Gate Advisory assisted 38 Singapore startups raise an aggregate of S$7.5m in grants and follow-on funding.


To expand on these achievements, a team of over 50 business and technical mentors has also been put together for NEXT50 Belonging to a variety of backgrounds, the team of mentors are carefully curated based not only on their skills and experience, but also their passion and motivation to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. They include startups Founders, traditional businessmen, data scientists, medical scientists, digital marketers, software engineers in the fields of fintech, logistics, Food and Beverage, eCommerce, HR, SaaS, legal and education.


John Paul Chen, Managing Director of SaltyCustoms, a mentor onboard NEXT50 commented, "It is important for mentors to share their experiences and knowledge so that future generations have the head start they need to propel Singapore forward. I believe it's a small pay-it-forward movement that collectively, would represent a sizeable impact in the future."


Startup Founders will be able to seek advice on a variety of topics that are related in the early stages of building a company. Zheng De Lee, co-founder of Packdat, who is continuing his mentorship sessions with Christopher Quek into the NEXT50 initiative, says, “A mentor is someone more than an industry expert. He plays the role of an advisor personally. Chris has been extremely giving in his advice both personally and on my startup. I believe I have grown (and still growing) both in my startup Packdat and personally."


Interested startup founders may find out more at http://tri5.asia/next50/.