A deep look into Singapore’s startup ecosystem with TRIVE

resh off the recent rebrand from Tri5 to TRIVE, we sat down with Christopher Quek, Managing Partner, to find discuss the startup scene in Singapore and more broadly Southeast Asia.

There are always healthy discussions around this topic, especially with the amount of money currently being invested in the region.

Christopher had a lot to share, especially about Singapore’s funding landscape and he doesn’t mince his words.

The challenge is that Singapore is uniquely different in terms of a business landscape than the US. With a limited market size, copying such ideas will see limitations. Singapore entrepreneurs fail to understand Singapore’s strengths and weaknesses. I find this mindset inherent due to our education system which is still limiting Singapore founders to think outside of the box and be creative.

What you should expect from your startup mentor

It is a perilous journey for an entrepreneur, especially for the inexperienced. There are no straightforward ways of building a business, as dynamics changes very often in a complex business environment.

I know this, as I too was a young inexperienced startup founder 19 years ago, during the early dot-com era. Whatever I tried applying what I learnt in business school always fall short of success. I failed to understand the nuances of running a business.

Unfortunately, schools only teach the science of business, but fail to talk about the art of business, from culture, negotiations, hiring or real-life understanding of how businesses actually work. Read more.