Document Security Made Easy. Digify is the easiest way to protect and track documents after sending. 

You often have to share proprietary information with external parties, such as documents for fundraising, HR, sales or financing. Digify document security and tracking features to help companies keep control of these confidential files after sending, giving you the power to restrict or revoke access at anytime. 

Virtual Data Rooms - Create unlimited data rooms optimized for fundraising and due diligence. Digify VDR brings together built-in NDAs to assure that recipients uphold the integrity of your data, automated watermarking for that added layer of security without the manual work, and activity insights so you always know what’s happening in your data room.  
Document Security - Share pitch decks, investor updates, and other documents containing intellectual property confidently knowing that your data is secure. You’ll get real-time notifications whenever your files are being accessed, so you never have to ask prospects or investors if they’ve seen your deck for instance. Document statistics give you visibility on who’s viewing, for how long or how many times, so you can gauge their interest and follow up wisely.