Together with our ecosystem partners, we have launched this a community initiative to provide all the support for SG entrepreneurs to launching regional startups, which includes financial support, tech talent, market access to foreign markets and mentorship for these entrepreneurs.

These trips will not only allow you to build valuable networks in these countries but also gain an in-depth understanding of the startup ecosystem, business landscape and culture of these countries.

More often regrets stem from the path not taken”

— Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Upcoming Activities

Immersion Trip to Ho Chi Minh (Tentatively Jun 2018)

Past Activites


Immersion Trip to Kuala Lumpur (3-5 Jan)
Immersion Trip to Ho Chi Minh (16-19 Mar)


Trip itenarary for previous trip

Pre-trip workshop

-Pitching and validation workshop
Day 1
-Introduction to Start-up Ecosystem and Business landscape
-Meet Accelerators and their current batch of startups
-Meet your potential Tech-Cofounder

Day 2
-Fireside Chat with founders
-Pitch Competition
-Night R&R

Day 3
-Meet VC’s to validate + Learning about VC funding
-Networking session with developers

Day 4
-Debrief and feedback
-Return to Singapore